Web Application


Hubifi brings together the best features of forums, blogs and social networks. It allows organizations to create their own hosted communities and communicate directly with the people that matter to them and their business.


Hubifi allows community owners to create two types of communities: "fully open and public" or "invitation only and private."

Regardless of the community type, Hubifi’s base skin works to fit in with many modern website designs so users feel like they haven’t left the community owners original website.

Beautiful Post Creation:

Creating conversation, sharing content, and finding shared interests. The main user design goal for Hubifi was to minimize visual clutter for users when creating conversations, making it easy to create beautiful posts. 

A laid back reading experience:

Hubifi allows for rich imagery and media to compliment your posts. These magazine like posts promote a laid-back reading experience when browsing. Replies also add a layer of direct feedback to the original post and drive interaction within the community.

Here are a few features we designed to make conversations even more useful:

Replies are shown inline and able to be grouped for easy reading
An easily accessible section that shows top posts, media, and links shared within a conversation
Sharing of entire conversations, specific quotes, and the ability to bookmark for later access.

Getting the Little Things Right

Actions, as simple as adding tags to a post, are meant to be fluid and fast.