Mobile Application


The TicTalking app brings people together based on your interests– not just who you know.

TicTalking helps you connect with people and communities from around the world that share your interests no matter where they live or what languages they speak.

As lead designer for the TicTalking app, I began the design process by putting emphasis on our unique 3D globe interface to drive home the connection between all people around the world.

Tailored Experiences Based on Interest

A user's interest profile allows the TicTalking app to show the conversations and people that matter to them, all based on their interests and passions. 

Friendly Conversations with Users Across the World

Since the 3D globe browsing experience might be the first time a user has used the mechanic, conversations in the TicTalking app have a familiar look and feel to keep users comfortable. 

Conversations also highlight inline translation to allow seamless conversations with users around the world.

Customizable Communities

Community creation tools within the app let users create new communities and join groups of likeminded individuals to rally around their passions. 

The customizations allow for a wide variety of community types. Some exist to help create change in the world while others are created as support groups to help achieve personal goals such as fitness.